Born Under a Bad Sign…


I translated an interesting article by the Italian astrologist/philosopher/scholar Marco Pesatori. Enjoy!




I wonder which sign were the Pre-Socratics. Thales could only be Cancer, Anaximander (the apeiron as infinite) surely Pisces and Anaximenes of an Air sign, Gemini or Aquarius. Xenophanes, according to whom everything comes from the Earth, must have been a Capricorn or Taurus, Empedocles was maybe an Aries. With which sign might the contradictory, mysterious Heraclitus be matched?

Nicola L., Perugia




If we follow the line of reasoning linked to the ‘presocratic’s’ generic sign and specificity (‘presocratic’ being an inappropriate term: Giorgio Colli prefers to call the presocratics  ‘sages’, as their contemporaries and Plato himself defined them, not only for their technical skill, or wisdom, or political cautiousness, but ‘sages’ in an absolute sense, that of owning the excellence of knowing), then Heraclitus is surely a Scorpio. In him, ‘platonic’ becomes ‘plutonic’. He surely had Pluto (even though he could not imagine the planet) in his ascendant, or joined to the Sun, or all the planets in the eighth house, the plutonic sector par excellence. Pluto is Scorpio’s planet and Heraclitus was by 90 % born under this sign. The obsession with research is scorpionic, the keenness on short and sharp phrases, the nickname itself, ‘the obscure’. Someone according to whom the most beautiful thread is formed by divergents; and all things rise according to the contention couldn’t be of peaceful signs such as Libra or Cancer, Gemini or Aquarius. One who stated  that perceiving (fronein) is for all things that which connects, could neither be Taurus, or Virgo, Capricorn.

Heraclitus – as the Scorpio who hesitates, suspends, creates a thousand doubts, leaves it there, fights against the will which overwhelms him – did not love the immediacy of desire and saw easy fulfilment as the worst of evils. That what they want should happen is not the best thing for men. For the nomadic Scorpio as well life is perennial becoming, a fluxus which never stops, , and for Scorpio as well only the unhoped for and the inaccessible are things worth to be found. For this Water sign research is infinite depth, and as for Heraclitus this must be researched in one’s own self. For Scorpio as well fronein – to catch on fast, to immediately see, to perfectly feel, immediate experimentation, clear intuiton of the invisible – is the best of excellences. Only a Scorpio could say death is that which we see, awake or even it rests, changing.

Everything in Heraclitus stands one step backward, suspended, uninterrupted discourse which develops on the inside, sounding without stopping the inner abyss, with an eye which simultaneously looks outside, perhaps frowning as Bodhidharma. Thus a soul parched by thirst is the most learned, which excels and the borders of the soul you shall not, as yo go, discover, not even if you travel all the paths: this deep is the expression (logos) which belongs to them.

That unityof the creative principle  which does not exclude fight, discord, opposition, dialectic is ‘Heracliteo-scorpionic’. For both, polemos becomes lord of all things, and even if opposites unite, they are never reconciled. Only a true Scorpio can understand this nitid relationship without end between unity and fight, fracture, tension, inner struggle.  Because for Scorpio if One is One, then it is nothing, only boredom. If Two is Two, there is no possibility of dialogue, of encounter-clash, of contact, of passion or desire. For Scorpio One is Two, and Two is One, just as for Heraclitus. And both refuse the Hegelian Three, which would be a banal synthesis, a One which re-proposes itself after restyling. This  mystery, in syntony with vital tension, always one step away from death, has Eros and Thanatos walking arm in arm.

It is sacrality which conquers sacrality only losing itself in mud, and finds in mud-Shadow the soul and pureness of vision (without sacrality, in fact, they are initiated to the mysteries practised by men). And, just because of the power of the Deep and Negative, of the Dark and Shadow, both Heraclitus and the Scorpio toe the line. One step here, one step backward, the least clear and visible as possible. In truth Helios shall not exceed measures: should that be the case the Erinys, Dike’s ministresses, will find him.


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