To Scott, February 1920

‘Darling Heart, our fairy tale is almost ended, and we’re going to marry and live happily ever afterward just like the princess in her tower who worried you so much – and made me so very cross by her constant recurrence – I’m so sorry for all the times I’ve been mean and hateful – for all the miserable minutes  I’ve caused you when we could have been so happy. You deserve so much – so very much – I think our life together will be like these last four days – and I do want to marry you – even if you do think I dread it – I wish you hadn’t said that – I’m not afraid of anything. To be afraid a person has either to be a coward or very great and big. I am neither. Besides, I know you can take much better care of me than I can, and I’ll always be very, very happy with you – except sometimes when we engage in our weekly debates – and even then I rather enjoy myself. I like being very calm and masterful, while you become emotional and sulky. I don’t care whether you think so or not – I do. […] Sweetheart – I miss you so. I love you so – and next time I’m going back with you – I’m absolutely nothing without you – just the doll that I should have been born. You’re a necessity and a luxury and a darling precious lover – and you’re going to be a husband to your wife […].’


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