A Tempestuous Soul

‘-You have no sympathy for Ivan. Ivan does not feel the seduction of money.

– Really? But don’t you put into account the beauties of Katerina Ivanovna? Here it’s not only about money, even though sixty 1000 rubles papers are quite an attractive thing. –

– Ivan aims higher. Ivan is not attracted to 1000 papers. It is not money Ivan looks for, it is not wealth. Pain, perhaps, is what he looks for.

– What sort of dream are you coming up with? Ah, it’s really true you are… noblemen!

– Oh, if you knew, Misa: he’s a tempestuous soul. His intellect is in chains. In him is a high thought, which cannot find a solution. He’s one of those who do not need millions, but need to find a solution to his thought.’

 F. Dostoevskij, The Brothers Karamazov


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