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‘Il tuo spirit…

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‘Il tuo spirito si mescola col mio
Come il vino è mischiato all’acqua;
Qualunque cosa tocchi te, mi tocca.
In tutti i luoghi dell’anima tu sei me.’



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On Writing

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Islamic calligraphy, an honored traditional art in the Arabic world, reproduces the shapes of animals and objects through words, and endows them with the capacity to not merely describe, but become the object which they are expressing, thus shaping the very thought of it and letting the subject of a poem become its form, and not only its content.

I at times wonder if it were possible to create a calligraphic form, or a sequence of forms, in which the whole world could breathe, the universe with its unknown planets, the stars, the shades of existence and all the layers of reality and perception. A calligraphy to reproduce the winds, the seas, fire, air, the elements and the directions, latitudes and horizons, twilights and dawns, the endless oscillation between night and day, the moods of seasons, the perpetual renewal of life. Genesis and the Apocalypse, poetry and prose, rhyme and dissonance.


The world is God’s book, someone once wrote.